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Monday, August 27, 2012
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Scholarships, grants and fellowships are forms of financial aid that help students pay for their college and post-graduate education. Unlike student loans, scholarships, grants and fellowships do not have to be repaid. Many hundreds of thousands of scholarships, grants and fellowships from sponsors world wide are awarded each and every year. While many scholarships and fellowships are reserved for students who've demonstrated special qualifications, such as athletic, academic or artistic ability, there are many thousands of scholarships available for students who are members of underrepresented groups, who are interested in particular fields of study, who live in certain areas of the country or who have financial need.

This page provides a comprehensive directory of many tens of thousands of the best scholarships, grants and fellowships sponsored by educational institutions, non-profit organizations, foundations and interest groups throughout the nation. Unlike for profit scholarship websites, that have a tendancy to feature paid scholarship opportunities that bring them money, our editor compiled directory provides current, relevant and ultimately useful scholarship information.

Scholarships by Category

Academic Scholarships
African American Scholarships
African-American Scholarships (also includes other minorities)
American Indian Scholarships
Athletic Scholarships
Community Service Scholarships
Directory of National Fellowships, Internships, and Scholarships for Latino Youth
Essay Scholarships
Extracurricular Scholarships
Financial Needs Based Scholarships
GPA Based Scholarships
Hispanic Scholarships
Hispanic Scholarships for Students pdf
Jewish Scholarships
Leadership Scholarships
Military Scholarships
Minority Scholarships
Native American Scholarships
Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students
Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
Veteran Scholarships
Women's Scholarships
Non-resident Immigrant Student Scholarships
RTF Frank Campano (Migrant Student Scholarship)
PTS Scholarship Fund - Harvest of Hope App. FORM (Migrant Student Scholarship)
2010-11 Miscellaneous Scholarships Age 5-25 .pdf file
2010-11 Homeschool Scholarships .pdf file
2010-11 Community Service Scholarships (by Age Group) .pdf file
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